What is a Quick Remap?


“Quick REMAP is a set of tools (seven protocols) that will help you to find relief from high stress events that often leave a painful and long lasting impact on the landscape of the emotional brain.  Too frequently, people do not understand the effects of painful events and how they can lead to anxiety, depression, panic attacks, phobias, post traumatic stress disorder, repressed anger and unending grief.”
-Steve Reed & Assoc.

The Quick REMAP process provides relief from the intensity of emotional distressing events in the shortest amount of time. This simple, effective and customized treatment gets to the point and within a very short period of time what was once causing you anxiety, fear or stress minimizes so that you are able to effectively move towards your goals and vision versus the act stopping cold in your tracks.

How it is applied: By tuning into the upsetting memory and applying a light pressure on a few very powerful acupuncture points that have been studied at places like Harvard Medical School you will be able to calm the nervous system and change the way you think and react to the problem.


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