Vision Board Workshop

What is a Vision Board Workshop?

A vision board (sometimes called Treasure Boards, Goal Boards, or Dream Boards) is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on specific life goals. Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do, or have in your life.

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Most of us tend to be a very busy and are constantly bombarded by distractions. Making use of vision boards serves several purposes, some of which include helping you to:

  • Identify your vision and give it clarity.
  • Reinforce your daily affirmations.
  • Keep your attention on your intentions.
  • It supports focus, drive and direction.

Vision boards also allow our subconscious mind to react to the images that you are inspired by thus creating as state to Act “as if” the goals have already occurred.

Vision Boards Help Provide Clarity

To say “I want a better life” is a fantastic goal, but most people have not given serious thought to exactly what that means and looks like.  For some, a better life might mean having a new car or home. Others may be seeking a new relationship or improvements in existing relationships. Doubtless you have heard it said that most of us never get what we want because we don’t know what we want.

By envisioning what your “better life” looks like and then creating a vision board to as a tangible representation of what you want. Making a vision board is a wonderful way to bring clarity to that general desire and turn it into an achievable goal.

During my Vision Board Workshops You Will Learn:

  • Goal setting – what it is, how it can help you move forward, how to set compelling goals and how to create your own plan. Learn how to set your intentions and why this is so important.
  • Learn your Values and set appropriate boundaries in life
  • Revisit you goals from January and revamp your Vision Board
  • Understand Integrity and how it attracts success
  • Create your Vision plus have total access to it at all times
  • Learn the difference between goals and well-formed outcomes
  • Learn what anchoring your goals in the subconscious mind is
  • Make your own compelling treasure/vision board

Click Here to view 2014 Vision Board Workshop Schedule