Top Essential Oils for Spiritual Growth

oils for spirtual growth1. Awaken: helps one become aware of your limit less potential. A first step toward making positive self changes.
2. Envision: Stimulates creativity, resourcefulness & emotional strength to achieve your dream enhancing faith.
3. Inner Child: Stimulates memory response to help you connect with your authentic self and fun steps towards finding emotional balance.
4. Into The Future: Encourages you to leave the past behind and move forward with confidence.
5. Mister: Helps balance emotions and promotes mental stability during stressful times.
6. Motivation: Enables you to over come procrastination while promoting feelings of action and accomplishment, helps you to move forward with a positive attitude.
7. Live with Passion: Become more optimistic and enhance your passion for life.
8. Galbanum: Old testament spiritual grounding.
9. Hinoki: Refresh the spirit, settle the mind, relax the body.
10. Believe: Brings feelings of faith and strength, to bring about thus authentic self.
11. Christmas Spirit: Brings positive energy and emotions of the Christmas Season all year long.
12. Egyptian Gold: Contains Biblical oils to enhance moments of devotion and reverence.
13. Hope: Helps restore faith by reconnecting with feelings of strength and stability.
14. Gratitude: Fosters a grateful attitude and enhances the blessings on your life. Supports emotional and spiritual progress.
15. Humility: Is the foundation of emotional strength. Is a balancing blend of pure essential oils that promote deeper spiritual and emotional awareness.
16. Joy: Uplifting blend, creates magnetic energy and brings happiness to the heart.
17. Sacred Mountain: Echoes the sense of sancity found in mature and promotes feelings of strength, empowerment, grounding and protection.
18. White Angelica: Promotes feelings of security and protection used to guard against negative energy.
19. 3 Wise Men: Is a blend of 7 ancient oils – calming and health properties.
20. 12 Oils OF The Bible: contains the 12 most significant oils of the bible.

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