Recommendations & Testimonials

I met Jodie about three years ago and knew about her vision boards and coaching since. Until this last year I did not think coaching was something for me. However, with the stress of a growing business and mental endurance required to progress, Jodie has been a necessity in helping me organize obstacles and challenges by assisting with thinking out loud and highlighting potential solutions to these opportunities. Then following up with month to month sessions helps hold myself accountable to execute solutions and review the outcome and grow.
-Amanda Hightower 2016


Megan Tegtmeyer

Jodie Wallace has made such a huge & profound impact on my life. In the short amount of time I have been seeing Jodie, my life has improved by leaps and bounds! I am 100% more confident and my personal and professional relationships have improved dramatically! She has always been on my team during the emotionally challenging times and is someone you can really trust! My vision and dreams are now becoming a reality thanks to Jodie, I recommend her to anyone who intends to have the BEST life possible! –Megan Tegtmeyer, 2014

My experience with a coach has been enlightening. Coaching has helped me identify how I can work to obtain what I want and need to make my life more fulfilling. Through coaching I’ve learned how to bring about change to become more aware and confident in myself. Coaching is a great asset in career development but also has helped enrich my personal life.
Donna Breggs Housing Accountant
Volunteers of America Texas

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“Coach Jodie is your secret weapon in life. You can achieve extraordinary results through Jodie’s process of discovery, goal setting and positive action. Jodie has become an integral part of my exciting journey of moving forward in both my professional & personal goals. She is my trusted source in becoming more successful & productive in all aspects of my life.”
 Patricia Borders  (hired  Jodie as a Career Coach in 2011)

“Jodie utilizes her Masters in NLP to coach you to a new level in both your personal and business goals. I have always been a goal setter and high acheiver yet I have never experienced the monthly success I have this year after attending her Visioning and Anchoring seminars in January. Thanks Coach Jodie… My Vision board is coming to life each and every month! Sales VP by the end of April or BUST!!!” 
Daphne Hallman  (hired  Jodie as a Career Coach in 2010)

“Jodie Wallace is a gift to those she knows and works with to help them discover their vision and “anchor” those goals through NLP (Neuro Lin- guistic Programming). Her desire to serve- her heart and soul- are at the core of who she is and how she works with her clients. The nuances are too many to name and hard to articulate- but she will “get you” and help you! See her soon!” 
Suzy Schwartz (hired Jodie as a Life Coach in 2011)

“Jodie is a valued addition to my life. Her guidance through her coaching me with life strategies as well as professional direction has made an immeasurable change in my life. Repatriation brings a unique set of challenges. Jodie’s experience and expertise has made the transition more rewarding than stressful. I am grateful and ready to take on this new chapter.” 
Jane Bernard (hired  Jodie as a Career Coach in 2011)

“After spending 21 years in Corporate and the last 6 as an Executive in a Fortune 10 company – I really didn’t think I needed a business coach. Boy was I WRONG! Jodie’s process of Neuro Linguistics is simply amazing and life altering. I was enabled and empowered to focus my goals, achieve superior results and accomplish my mission of self-employment. Not only have these techniques resulted in higher income, they have also returned more time and a balanced life. You are MISSING OUT if you are not a client of Jodie Wallace and 3D Perspectives!!! Do you want to take the risk of missing your dreams?” 
Catherine Costello Brenneman (hired  Jodie as a Career Coach in 2010,)

“I am Blessed to have Jodie as my Life and NLP Coach. She has a unique ability to create a safe space for discovery and self-exploration. Working with Jodie I have experienced transformational change and sharper focus in a short period of time… Time that was very well spent. Words like Intuitive, Spiritual, Insightful, Safe, Powerful and Guide are but a few that truly describe her gifts. We are presented with many opportunities as we walk through this life. Meeting with Jodie is one of those few “must ” take advantage of opportunities.”  Bill Wallace (hired  Jodie as a Career Coach in 2011)

“I had the privilege to work with Coach Jodie earlier this year. The skills and mechanisms she shared with me can be (and have been) used in both a professional and personal setting. She is an unbiased person, great listener and such a great resource. I would recommend her to anyone!”
Naomi Linker (hired Jodie as a Coach in 2012)

“Jodie is a certified Master Neuro – Linguistic Practitioner I would recommend in business and life coaching. I have had an amazing experience achieving all my goals in 2011 with more confidence and success. Jodie is an amazing women, very supportive, nurturing easy to work with. I highly recommend Jodie as a life, NLP and business coach.” Fayza Coppersmith
(hired  Jodie as a Business Consultant in 2011)

“I have had the privilege of knowing Jodie for at least 15 years. I can truly say that she has always been most thoughtful and reasonable throughout all those years with many topics that we would dive into. I finally came to my senses last year and hired Jodie as my Life and Business coach. Her insight, her creative ideas and her encouragement is exactly what I needed. She has helped me stay focused and on track. In January 2012 I took her Treasure Board class and have really been inspired by the anchoring of the items I have stressed as important in my life at this particular time. I am excited to continue to see the accomplishments of my goals for the year ahead and with her help I know I will accomplish them all. Thank you Jodie for your friendship both professionally and personally.”
Sandy Tysseland

“I was totally impressed with how Jodie relates to people and how she helps you to stretch your beliefs. She is very creative in getting you to find what it is you want to achieve. Jodie has such a high integrity and you know she cares about each and every person she works with. She makes you feel very special and that there is nothing that you cannot achieve. I look forward to working with Jodie throughout the year and achieving all the goals I set forth for myself! I would highly recommend her in personal and business coaching. One of the best I have experienced in years!” Terri Pescatore (hired  Jodie as a Career Coach in 2012)

“I have been working with Jodie for a few months and truly see the benefits of her offerings. I would personally recommend her to help you achieve your goals.”
Sonja Kabell (hired  Jodie as a Career Coach in 2011)

“Jodie is very knowledgeable and a great resource for me to use. She always has great ideas and encouragement when you need it. I’ve appreciated all that she has done for me and would recommend that anyone looking for a change in their life, to give her a call!”
Susannah Cockburn (hired Jodie as a Career Coach in 2011)

“Jodie has truly made an impact in my life, both professionally and personally. Not completely knowing what caoching or NLP was, I was hesitant and somewhat apprehensive. I can honestly say though, that those feelings were quickly put to rest. I began to see immediate changes, and was comforted with a level of trust from Jodie, that has allowed for the continual progress that I am able to make. Jodie sets herself apart, in that she does not focus on one business demographic or age. Jodie caters to every client she sees, and has expertise and insight on how to better them as people and as business professionals. Jodie has brought a level of focus and efficiency to my life, and for that, I will continue to use her as a coach, and also refer and recommend her services to others.”
Taryn Moseley (hired  Jodie as a Business Consultant in 2011)

“Jodie is an extraordinary individual. Her insight and techniques have improved my life in ways I never dreamed possible! The NLP processes she uses allow me to change my own way of thinking as I go about my regular daily life, and help me create optimism and confidence in situations where I otherwise would only find defeat. And the effects are lasting!! They don’t stop working when you leave her office! The personal and professional growth I have experienced since meeting Jodie Wallace have been some of the most profound in my lifetime! Can’t wait til my next session!!”  Kathy Davidson
(hired  Jodie as a Career Coach in 2011)

“Jody is an amazing coach! She has a unique ability to identify and tackle potential blocks to achieving short and long term goals resulting in clear tangible results. Her annual goal setting session has been an absolute game changer for me already this year. Within one week of our session two goals have already been met that I initially thought would not happen until much later in the year. Her flexible accessibility and direct communication are exactly what someone with a busy schedule and strong personality like me needs. The ROI with Jody is definitely quantifiable.”
Katrina D. Moore, Esq. (hired  Jodie as a Business and Life Coach in 2010)

“Jodie has a wonderful gift that I wish all people had. She is extremely intuitive, knowledgeable and has outstanding empathy for others. As a coach, Jodie was extremely supportive and understanding. Jodie has a very confident aura that automatically puts you at ease, giving you an overwhelming sense of self. This allows people to focus on the positive in order to gain the most favorable results. An hour with Jodie is a very freeing experience. I would strongly recommend Jodie as a coach.”Susan DeKruger (hired  Jodie as a Career Coach in 2010)

“Jodie is the BEST CHOICE for a business and life coach. Her extensive background and mastered skills with NLP will unblock your stagnant position and move you forward to achieve the success that was waiting for you. Jodie’s passion shines through her work to help YOU create success!” Raeann Cain (hired  Jodie as a Career Coach in 2010)

“Jodie is extremely knowledgeable as a coach and very personable. She is a wealth of resources and always shares great ideas for me to use in my business!” Debbie Ramsey  (hired  Jodie as a Career Coach in 2010)

“Jodie provides an approach that is unique and powerful. While she has a great passion for coaching you to your ultimate potential, her education in neuro-linguistic programming adds an element to her practice that is outstanding. Never having experienced this approach before I was astounded at the impact this had. Jodie is an expert at what she does and truly cares that you experience a difference with her services.” Renee LeClair (hired  Jodie as a Career Coach in 2009)

“I have known Jodie for more years than I can remember and have had the pleasure of serving on committees with her as well as knowing her personally. She is committed, dedicated and very professional and I would highly recommend her as your coach or in any other capacity. Jodie is a wonderful person.” Pam Jeremiah, PHR,

“Coach Jodie is extremely creative and knowledgeable about how to help you overcome obstacles that can stop you from attaining your goals! I look forward to my sessions with her and would highly recommend her to any/all who want to be successful at whatever they aspire to.” Sheila Williamson
(hired  Jodie as a Career Coach in 2010)

“Jodie has been instrumental in building employee intercommunication and trust. Our team is more focused on common goals and we have become more successful. Definitely worth the time and expense.”Jim Wallace (hired  Jodie as a Career Coach in 2009)

“Jodie Wallace is so much more than a life and career coach. She is a Sherpa who will guide you on your journey, whatever personal or professional mountain you may scale, to help you reach your destination. She has my unreserved recommendation.” Mary Millholland (hired  Jodie as a Career Coach in 2008)

“Jodie, has spent numerous hours perfecting her craft as a business and life coach. I have had the distinct opportunity to work with Jodie in both capacities in my business and as my personal life coach. I highly recommend her for your business and personal coaching needs. She’s also an excellent speaker and trainer.” LaCrisia “Cris” Gilbert (hired  Jodie as a Career Coach in 2010)

“I worked with Jodie for 1 year to achieve personal and career goals that we set at the beginning of our sessions. One example is that I wanted find a new job, this was achieved and I have been with my current company for 1 year and 8 months. Jodie is a master practitioner of NLP, if you don’t know what NLP is… you need to contact Jodie for a free coaching session so she can explain how it works. If you ask me, it if magic !” Juli Turner (hired  Jodie as a Career Coach in 2009)

“Jodie is an inspiring, dynamic woman that is very sincere and instructive as a life strategist and coach. Everyone can only benefit from knowing Coach Jodie!”
Kimmy Vermillion Wright

“Jodie is a highly skilled coach that has helped me get major results fast. She’s especially good at providing assistance in identifying roadblocks and old limitations and empowering her clients to blow past them. Jodie’s sense of humor and experience make her not only effective but a pleasure to work with. I continue to hire her as a coach because she helps me identify and create what I want in my life faster.”
Amy Hart (hired  Jodie as a Career Coach in 2006)

“Jodie has been a great asset to me. Through her “dream boarding” I have managed to set goals and reach them! She is an amazing Life/Business Coach.”
Joyce Cravens

“We recently asked Jodie to speak at our Women in Support of Enterprise luncheon and were delighted with her presentation. The ladies in attendance were enthralled by her discussion and the demonstration of how she helps individuals visualize and understand an issue. A follow-up workshop was held the following week and was, again, very well received. Jodie is an engaging speaker and knows “her stuff!””
Sharon Mayer (hired  Jodie as a Speaker in 2012)

“Jodie has a gift as a business and life coach. Her use of NLP makes time with her even more valuable. She has an ability to focus an individual to create and achieve goals and success beyond what the person has thought possible. She is also able to help individuals deal with any personal issues that may be inhibiting their success. I am most privileged to know and have the opportunity to work with “Coach” Jodie!”
Molly Jones

“She is well versed in a variety of areas and I believe that the time spent on clarifying goals and talking about the best way to accomplish them has been very helpful.”
Donna Whitehead, Dallas Methodist Minister

“Jodie Wallace has been my coach for 4 years and has made a tremendous difference in my life. My negative imprinting is being replaced with positive beliefs. My thoughts are now “I can” instead of “I can’t”. The knowledge of finding the positive intentions behind the actions, situations and circumstances has brought freedom and peace. Jodie has a unique perspective and keen ability to get to the heart of the matter, and utilize effective techniques to bring out positive change. The positive results have been realized personally and professionally. This year, I was among the nominees for municipality of which I am employed in Plano, TX. Your insight, understanding, compassion and expertise have been invaluable. I highly recommend Jodie Wallace as your coach and NLP professional.”
Libby McCabe, Plano, Texas

“Coach Jodie Wallace gets results – and sometimes in-unexpected ways. I started working with Jodie to help me get started looking for a new job. My plan was to get unstuck and then move on. Jodie was so effective at helping me to move past the next self-imposed limitation, that I’m still working with her two years later.”
Amy Hart, Director of Securities, Houston, Texas

“I learned so much about myself, what I put value on first in my life in relation to work and others. Jodie really identified key points in my personality and my style of socialization that have been very helpful in my plan for improvement. I especially liked the concept of balance in life, giving equal time to every aspect of my work and my family. As I move into a new phase of my life, I will definitely be able to use what I have learned from Jodie!”
Cyndy Pierson, Retired Vice Principal Plano West High School

“The process of coaching has been a great experience with Jodie! I would suggest that everyone take advantage of her knowledge of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and coaching. Jodie walked me through an NLP enmeshment session that helped me to view & therefore have a healthier relationship now with my brother. Just hours after that particular session, I was faced with news of a health issue concerning that same brother. I was able to cope and offer support for my family without being an emotional basket case.”
Juli Turner, Sr. Sales Representative,Central Communications, Dallas