Print Assessment

What is Print Strategies Assessment?

  • A revolutionary, patented approach for understanding what makes people tick
  • A new technology to dramatically improve communications and relationships
  • High impact techniques to bring out people’s best traits and minimize their unproductive Shadow traits
  • A cost effective way to bring teamwork, leadership proficiency, innovative thinking and hospitality and customer service to a new level

Did you realize that other’s perspectives and views of the world are generally different than yours? Yet it is likely that you deal with them as if they were tuned into your same frequency. By understanding the motivations behind the actions of others and knowing what the triggers are that bring out their best and worst sides, you can quickly improve how you get along and how you get things one. And just as exciting, by using Print Strategies, others will have the opportunity to finally understand you as well.

Prints™ can be thought of as the DNA of personality. They determine our view of the world – why we do what we do, why we are who we are. They explain how we react and how we relate. Prints are at the core of what motivates us and what drives us crazy. Prints determine our strategies for getting what we want and reveal our life’s challenge. They provide insight and understanding about others.

We can impact many facets and dimensions of our lives with Print Strategies:

  • Our own personal growth and development
  • Our relationships – both work and personal; with our partners, our parents, our children, our colleagues at work, our direct reports (by better motivating them)
  • Our organization – its performance, results and culture
  • Our careers – being in tune with our natural abilities and passion

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