NLP Essential Oils

lavendar fields essential oilsEach NLP processes is unique for each individual person and so is the essential oils we use the calm the subconscious mind to allow quicker healing and growth.

Top Essential Oils for NLP

1. Grounding: Is used to ground clarity, balance, spiritual awareness. Also used to ground goals and vision.

2. Valor: empowering blend what promotes feelings of strength, courage, problems, self esteem. Replaces negative feelings with uplifting thoughts.

3.Lavender: Most versatile of E.O. promotes that calm the mind and body – Great for relaxation, promote sleep.

4. Rosemary: Improve mental clarity

5. Concentration – Combats Dementia

5. Peppermint: Combats mental fatigue and physical fatigue . Great for mental clarity – Also good for normal digestion and promotes healthy repertory function.

6. Abundance: A great oil to attract prosperity and magnify joy and peace.

7. Forgiveness: enhances the ability to forgive yourself and others, let go of negative emotions. Aids in personal growth.

8. Magnify Purpose: Stimulates desire, focus, and motivation encouraging you to seize the initiative

9. Gratitude: Foster a grateful attitude an embrace the blessings in your life. Gratitude supports emotional and spiritual growth.

10. Brain Power: Gives mind and boosts of clarity, and develop greater focus.

11. Joy: Uplifting blend of oils that creates and magnetic energy and brings happiness to the heart.

12. Peace and Calming: Encourages deep relaxation and assist with meditation to promote a peaceful night sleep.

13. Stress Away: Contains a unique stress relieving combination of line and vanilla and lavender to reduce mental rigidity and restore equilibrium.

14. Dream Catcher: Legend to harness the power of positive dreams and guard against clouded vision helping you to realize your desires and stay on path to fulfillment

15. Release: A blend of oils that facilitates harmony and balance of mind and body.

16. Jasmine: A single blend that relaxes the mind, boosts self confidence, promotes a positive outlook on life

17. Acceptance: Encourages self worth, may help over come overwhelm, denial and procrastination

18. Present Time: Helps focus on the here and now to move forward without looking back.

19. Sarah: Sooth deep and emotional wounds help heal traumatic memories.

20. Awaken: helps one become aware of your limit less potential. A first step toward making positive self changes.


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